Frequently Asked Questions

On this page are some commonly asked questions about the company.

Share Information

DMCI Holdings Inc. is listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) under the ticker symbol “DMC.” Our company may also be accessed through the following tickers: DMC:PM (Bloomberg) and DMC.PS (Reuters).

DMC went public on December 18, 1995 at Php 9.12 per share.

DMC listed a total of 384,434,000 shares which represented 34% of the outstanding capital stock sold during the IPO. These shares consist of 306,747,000 primary shares and 76,687,000 secondary shares.

In 2014, the Board approved the declaration of stock dividends amounting to Php 10,621,976,000.00 billion, divided into 10,621,976,000 common shares at the par value of Php1.00 per share, or 4 common shares for every one common share held or 400% stock dividends.

This raised the Company’s outstanding shares to 13,277,470,000. Adjusted closing price after the stock declaration was Php 14.80. For further details, please click on this link.

You may contact a PSE-accredited broker to transact on your behalf. To view the list of authorized trading partners, please click on this link.

For transactions related to stock certificates, we recommend coordinating with your broker and our stock transfer agent, Stock Transfer Services, Inc. (STSI).

STSI may be contacted through the following details:

Stock Transfer Services, Inc.

34F Unit D, Rufino Pacific Tower, 6784 Ayala Ave., Makati City

Tel. (632) 8403-2410 /3433/3798

Contact person: Ricardo D. Regala

[email protected]

Yes. DMC declares regular cash dividends of at least 25% of the preceding year’s consolidated core net income. From time to time, and depending on the performance of the Company, the Board of Directors may also declare special cash dividends. To know more about our dividend performance, click here.

To be eligible for dividends, you must purchase DMC during or prior to the cum-dividend trading period and hold the stock on the ex-dividend date. If you hold DMC shares the business day prior to the ex-dividend date, you are eligible to the dividends.

The following independent analysts from local brokerages are known to cover our company. Please note that this is for informational purposes only. 

Abacus SecuritiesGerman dela Paz 
BDORachelle Cruz
COL FinancialGeorge Ching
Credit SuisseMicaela Abaquita 
Maybank Securities
Fiorenzo de Jesus
Papa Securities
JP Fontanilla
Raffy Mendoza
Regis Partners
Klyne Resullar
SB Equities
Katrine Eunice Dolatre


The annual meeting of DMC stockholders is held on the third Tuesday of May of each year. If the date of the annual meeting falls on a legal holiday, the annual meeting shall be held on the next succeeding business day which is not a legal holiday.

Stockholders as of record date are entitled to receive declared dividends. The record date pertains to the date in which the company identifies the list of stockholders in the company’s books.  


To ensure inclusion in the list of eligible shareholders as of record date, shareholders need to hold DMC share a day prior to the ex-dividend date, given the Philippine market’s T+3 day settlement.  


The PSE sets the ex-dividend date and presents the key dates through the PSE Electronic Disclosure Generation Technology or PSE EDGE ( 


Shareholders of scripless shares are advised to consult their designated PSE brokers for further information and guidance. Meanwhile, shareholders with certificated shares can direct their inquiries to the investor relations team at [email protected].  


Corporate Information

Our latest earnings and future plans may be viewed through our briefing materials, press releases and SEC reports. We also conduct regular analysts’ briefings for our investment practitioners and current stockholders. Upcoming schedules are announced via PSE Edge and in our disclosures.

Yes. DMCI Holdings, Inc. is committed to a dividend payout ratio of at least 25% of the preceding year’s consolidated core net income. Consolidated core net income is currently defined as reported net income excluding all foreign exchange, mark-to-market gains and losses and non-recurring items. To know more about our dividend policy, click here.

In the last 10 years, DMC has consistently exceeded its dividend payout policy, with its average payout ratio reaching 75%. 

Regular dividends are usually declared sometime between March and June. There is no definite declaration schedule for special dividends. To know more about our historical dividends, please click here.

You may visit their respective official websites, namely:


Real Estate Development

Coal Mining and On-grid power

Off-grid power

Water services

Financial Performance And Publication

The Company follows the calendar accounting period, which starts on January 1 and ends on December 31.

Our external auditor is SGV & Co.

Our financial results are denominated in Philippine Peso (Php) since all subsidiaries operate in the Philippines. No currency translation is performed.

We apprise the investing public of our financial results through our press releases, disclosures and presentations.

Quarterly results are normally announced every May (Q1), August (Q2), November (Q3) and March (Q4/FY) through SEC filings and PSE disclosures. A few days after the disclosures, the company conducts analysts’ briefings, the details of which are announced through the PSE Edge.

Corporate Office


TEL: +(632) 8-888-3000